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Slim Signage

Media Advertising are a leading Manufacturer of ultra slim signage, acrylic blackout signage, slim block out signage, led block out signage, block out display signage, vinyl block out signage, led block out board, block signage, led slim signage, block out boards, led block out signage display and block out sign from Delhi/NCR, India. These are normally use at retail outlets, bars, pubs and more places.

Signage are best way to capture the audience’s attention, educate and inform customers, build brands and drive both sales and profitability. This allow tailored videos and promotions to be streamed, to maximize sales potential and create additional revenue always.

Easy to set up, Media Advertising Slim Signage has the flexibility to be relocated from one position to another quickly and easily, with the content adapted or changed accordingly, to react rapidly to a particular change in-store, as needed, such as special promotions. A range of full-color content can be displayed, from video to static photo imagery scene, with the addition of audio, to create a really unique experience for the customer in-store.

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